This Year's Conference ROCKED


What our 2020 Do Gooders Conference attendees said:

"AMAZING DAY! It was good for the soul and the brain! <3"

"Thanks for all your efforts in putting together a great conference and changing to virtual on short notice. The mixture of speakers was great."

"Keep it up and bring more next year! Awesome job!"

"You got Vu frickin' Le AND Joan Garry to a conference in ND!!!"

"Amazing work! Great speakers, great information, spoke the truth about how things will look moving forward! Thank you all for your passion to invest in non-profits in our community!" 

"The whole [event] was slightly unexpected. This was the first live, virtual conference I have attended."

"I thought it might be a long day, but it definitely kept my attention. It was great to hear from some big name speakers who probably wouldn't have been part of the in person event. The fluidity and excellent pacing of a virtual multi-speaker conference. Shows commitment and professionalism and AWESOMENESS."

"Each speaker did great and brought something different to the conference and it went off without a hitch!"

"The conference was amazing!"

"Excellent engagement and interaction, even in the virtual format."

"Local music/talent and just overall no glitches to the day! Production was amazing and so great to see live! We started running virtual programs 10 days after suspending programs. It takes a lot of talent. It was great to see how production of a large event is possible virtually!"

"The level of interaction in the chat post throughout the conference. My favorite part of conferences is networking, wandering around and meeting new people. I felt like I got to do that a little bit and even made a few new connections - so I got to network anyway!"

"[Amazing] that it happened earlier than what was scheduled on the calendar prior to Covid-19. I didn't expect the event planner and Mobile Pro guy to be up there giving us tips for virtual events. That was great and helpful and took some of the fear of the unknown out of this idea that we might have to do a virtual event."

"Everything went so smooth! New normal!Thus was the first Do Gooders conference that I have attended. So the entire event was unexpected. But the most unexpected thing was the technology and lack of issues."

About the Do Gooders Conference

 Fundraising is hard. Finding trainings that are applicable in the real world and figuring out how to use them without unlimited staff and budget is even harder. So we set out to create a fundraising conference that empowers those of us who fight “other duties as assigned” in order to do the one thing we love: telling stories and building relationships with donors.

But recently, the world turned on it's collective head - and COVID-19 has thrown nonprofits for a loop. Uncertainty in uncharted territory has fundraising leaders needing help, direction, motivation and the tools to get through this global pandemic.

In person events, for the forseeable future, are on hold. And nonprofits need help NOW - not in July as originally planned.

So we made a massive pivot - and are producing this event online.

Not only can we reach more individuals who are looking for answers but we added incredible speakers, and amazing perks to help support local restaurants, small businesses, artists and musicians!

We're Supporting Others Too

Each person that registers will have lunch delivered to them from a locally owned restaurant to help make sure we support those small businesses that are struggling as much as nonprofits are. Upon registration, we'll send a list of restaurants we are partnering up with to select a lunch item, delivered to you (we're including a tip!) in time for you to watch the Keynote Panel, Ladybosses of the Nonprofit World.

Additionally, we are are supporting local (and regional!) artists and musicians who will perform in between speakers. We are encouraging you to support them by providing direct links to their sites to donate, buy or conenct on how you can help.

Keynote Panel You Say?

This year, we are featuring some of the baddest ass female leaders in the nonprofit world to share their stories on how they are tackling the old-gaurd and good ol' boys club in the world of philanthropy. The panel will be facilitated by Fargo-Moorhead's own Ladybossses, Danyel Moe and Laura Caroon. It is sure to be an eye opening and amazing conversation - where you are encouraged to engage with questions!

We've Got This

We're dedicated to getting this information to you and your organization and helping get through this together. It's why we are going virtually. It's why we are bumping up the date from our original in July. 

It's gonna rock.

One Day. One Unique Conference. One killer way to change your mindset to an “Oh hell yeah I can do this!” attitude.

Our inaugural event was a smashing success from the diversity of topics, fantastic speakers, wonderful food, inviting atmosphere and attending to the little details. Our goal was to put on an event for nonprofit leaders that defied the norms of your typical conference – and it was a blast.

But we’re just getting warmed up. And in a time of crisis, we think that these messages and ideas need to be heard sooner than later to help get nonprofits of all size through these bizzare times!

We’re excited to bring you an event that leaves you a better nonprofit fundraising, board member or executive. And have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

Welcome to the Do Gooders Conference. A fundraising training with practical advice, tips and tricks you can use the very next day to make organizations philanthropically awesome.

This is Gonna ROCK


Amazing speakers? Check.

Great Food and Drinks? Check.

Incredible Virtual and Interactive Venue? Check.

Relatable and Impactful Topics. DOUBLE CHECK.


Keynote: Joan Garry

What we need in this time of COVID-19, is direction on how to build leadership, create momentum, help for staying positive. Joan Garry, one of the leading voices in nonprofit fundraising, board development and community activism will help us with our path forward. 

We couldn't be more stoked to have her join us!


Mark J Lindquist

Motivational Speaker & 

Founder of Vet House


Vu Le

Founder of Nonprofit AF


Patrick Kirby

Founder of Do Good Better Consulting


Carolyne A. Opinde

Founder of The NGO Whisperer


Kurtis Karn

Co-Founder of Sunshine & 79


Nicole Turchin

Co-Founder of Sunshine & 79


Joe Deutsch, Ph.D

Professor, North Dakota State University


Melissa White, CPA

Eide Bailly, LLP


Erica Johnsrud

Ronald McDonald House


It's Lady Boss Time

For years, the nonprofit industry has been run by the "old gaurd" that thrived in "the way we've always done it" environment. Not anymore. Danyel Moe & Laura Caroon: Co-Founders of the Ladybosses of Fargo-Moorhead facilitate a panel of some of the most badass women leaders in the nonprofit industry. Let's ROCK. 


Kristi Huber

CEO of The United Way Cass-Clay


Rachel Stone

Founder of P's & Q's Etiquitte 


Dayna Del Val

CEO of The Arts Partnership


 Nyamal Dei 

Founder of South Sudan READS 


Sandra Leyland

President & CEO of Fraser, Ltd.


Coiya Tompkins


Let's Do This...Again!


Our inaugural event was a smashing success from the diversity of topics, fantastic speakers, wonderful food & drink, inviting atmosphere and attending to the little details. Our goal was to put on an event for nonprofit leaders that defied the norms of your typical conference – and it was a blast.

But we’re just getting warmed up.


Some of Our Favorite Memories!

We thought long and hard about curating topics that nonprofit and fundraising leaders cared about  - and one of the best? Our Philanthropy panel. Seven of the most generous individuals in the region helped guide us through why they give, why they don't, and what tactics organizations should prepare when talking to high capacity donors. 

Tactical Tips and Tricks

We know how frustrating it can be to leave a conference feeling like you're about to take over the nonprofit world - only to to get back to your computer and realize that nothing in your in-box has anything to do with what you were just inspired by. Been there.

Each speaker gave practical tips for you to use the very next day. We love to share. We love to learn. We're awesome like that.

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